Chip On Board Assemblies

Almost every semiconductor can be sourced as chip as well. We offer design services to design and manufacture, based on your schematic, a chip on board system. As we do not only have state of the art assembly lines for chip and wire bonding, we also have the latest equipment for qualifying and testing the COB assembly in house. From pressure cooker to temperature shock cycling we can give you detailed answers about the reliability of your COB unit.

Following chips can be used (customer supplied or we supply them)

  • OPTO and standard IC- chips from all major manufacturers
  • LEDs, photodiodes or –transistors
  • Laser chips, micro processors
  • eeprom, RAM or ROM, RF chips

These chips will be assembled onto substrates. Following substrates can be used:

  • PCB single or multilayer, flex prints
  • glass, plastic embedded leadframes, ceramic packages, metal headers
  • RF and UHF special substrates

After assembly the substrates and chips will be encapsulated. Following encapsulations are available:

  • Plastics, black
  • Plastics, transparent, with/ without filtering color
  • Metal can with/ without lenses or windows
  • Hermetical sealed packages for Aerospace

Once the encapsulation is done, there can be a further system integration by:

  • Fiber coupling
  • lens or microlens mounting
  • reticule assembly
  • filter mounting
  • precision mounting of the unit into a mechanical system (aligning to lenses, apertures etc.).


100% screening, test capability of wavelength, power, radiation, focal points, goniometric tests, environmental test, EMI tests and much more (…although we often experience that our customers still know one more test we don't…). As you can see, the nature of this type of business is quite complex. We can assure you, that we take care of your specific business. Please use the CONTACT button to the left to request a phone call or a meeting – we will contact you soon !