Medical Sensors

Whether it is the 660nm special LED for blood oxygen or any other tightly tolerated LED wavelength, we can screen and select special LED material to supply you the emitter you need – in volume.

If you need an opto sensor, which has complex signal integration and scanning algorithms, we can supply not only selected lab samples! We supply volume.

As always, the disciplines micro mechanics and micro optics are closely. We are used to synergize a market product out of science & engineering.

We can do the packaging of opto semiconductors into any kind of mechanical package, including lenses, heaters, ph- sensors and signal conditioning electronics.

The nature of our business does not allow to publish specific sensors or designs, even not when they already hit the market.
But we believe, that if you carefully check out our capabilities you might imagine what we can do for your system and sensor designs.
Please use the CONTACT button to request a call. We will soon call you to discuss your specific requests.