It is not as expensive as you might have expected it – the custom design of application tailored OPTO semiconductors.
We can design and supply following OPTO Chips:

  • OPTO – ASIC (Bipolar or CMOS), incorporating photodiodes, DC or AC coupled amplifiers, comparators, signal interpolation and correction, counters etc. Applications: Light barriers, Medical sensors, Encoder sensors, Paper sensors, multi channel sensors, high speed datacom.
  • Phototransistor, -triac or -darlington, active areas round, square or differential, closely matched HFE, high speed, with or without light filters. Applications: Encoders, cellular phones as daylight sensor, medical devices, opto- relay, OEM device.
  • Photodiodes, PIN or PN, highest sensitivity and speed, replacement of APD´s, multi element array, with or without filters or scintillators Applications: Scanning lines, laser detectors, weight cell sensor, paper edge sensor, encoders.
  • Photovoltaic arrays, multi element photodiodes in series, special purpose as voltage generator for MOS- relays, optocouplers or OEM.
  • LEDs, whatever wavelength you need – we have it. We can design your specific LED chip as point source, edge emitter or every geometric shape you need. We can further on guarantee exact optical power output as well as closely matched wavelength.
  • Laser, pulse or CW , infrared or red, we have it, please contact us for more detailed information

Please send us your first specification of the OPTO semiconductor needed. We will quote you very soon your custom device. There are many advantages by using a custom chip:

  • Application specific tailored device, thus 100% functionality in your system
  • No “jelly bean” device with the broad industrial tolerances – your system will get a specified, matched opto signal and not a 400% gaussian distribution to cope with
  • Cost saving by designing the chip to fulfill the task – not having more overheads “on chip” which are not needed by your application.
  • Space saving and reliability increasing at the same time, reducing interconnections between function modules.

As a generic guideline we like to ask you to provide the following data for a quotation:

  • Electrical specification ( interfacing to your system ).
  • Optical specification, i. e. how many light at what frequency will be used ? We know this might be tough – please ask us, we can help in estimating.
  • Ambient operating and storage conditions.
  • Expected MTBF and lifetime, specific quality or screening programs.
  • Quantity needed per 3 years


Does it make sense to design a custom device? We do only need a few thousand units a year.
We did (and do) designs even for quantities of a few hundred units a year. To us it is often a 2 days design job for a specific LED or photodiode. As we do have a constant running wafer fab, it makes no big problems to put your device in the queue. For more complex OPTO- ASICS there should be a project lifetime quantity of minimum 40.000 units. Less than this means no problem but an increasing cost factor. For smaller volume projects we may be able to modify existing open tooling designs, thus by changing the metal mask at a low cost approach we may be able to get you your OPTO- ASIC “ex stock”.

Design times are too long – once finished the market is gone away…
Photodiodes and –transistors take min. 5 weeks to max. 17 weeks, OPTO- ASICS from 4 months to 12 months for first chips.